Wedding | Lexi + Dean

Lexi + Dean | Ransom Canyon Wedding

When I met Lexi for coffee a few months before her wedding, not all her wedding planning was going well. Vendors were falling through and I could tell she was really hoping I wouldn’t be another bump in the road on her way to getting married. Would I, the person she’d chosen to photograph her wedding, show up and be organized? Would I be intentional with her? Would I offer kindness and truly be pumped to celebrate her wedding day when other vendors didn’t seem to be coming through?

We talked for a good while, and I left our meeting wishing her wedding wasn’t months away. I honestly loved her. I loved how she talked about Dean and I loved that she told me he’d be full of jokes on their wedding day (she wasn’t wrong). I loved that she was sweet and kind with a good dose of sarcasm and dry wit humor. That’s a Bride I’m ALLLL about.

And you know what? Any hesitation I saw on her face at the beginning of our meeting was completely gone by the end of our meeting. I could tell she was all the more pumped for her wedding day—-but I could feel it in my heart too. I was excited to too.

When their wedding day came Lexi and Dean let me call them by nicknames I made up for them. Dean was never without a joke or a theatrical face. And I could really tell that Lexi was able to soak in every moment she needed and wanted to soak in. It had come together.

So, here’s to finally getting to post SexyLexi and Deanster (pretty sure I called him Dean Street a few times too) and their beautiful Ransom Canyon wedding.

And here’s to coming through for Brides, valuing them as a friend, cheering them on as a friend, and getting to deliver to them a snapshot of their love story.

Until the next wedding,


P.S. Dean and Lexi’s Dad made their wedding backdrop! And I absolutely loved it! Also, those market street floral bouquets were some of my favorite bouquets of this season’s weddings— the mix of all the colors was surprising and different and OMG I really LOVE how it turned out.

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