My Top Ten First Dance Songs for 2019

Styled Greek Wedding Session by  GreenHouse Creative

Styled Greek Wedding Session by GreenHouse Creative

If your’e just interested in my song picks for wedding first dance songs, you can keep scrolling down. If you want to read more about my own love story, you just keep reading, grrrrlll.

Brett loves coming up with hypothetical situations. So, I asked Brett what song he would pick as our first dance song if we were getting married this year. He told me he’d still pick the same song we danced to seven years ago.

That sweet goober gives me the sweetest slobbery emotional feelings ever. Of course he’d choose that song.

Music moves me so deeply and connects me to moments. So I knew choosing a first dance song for us would be one of the biggest decisions I made for our wedding. I’ve learned, after photographing many weddings, that music isn’t as important to some couples. And I’m over here happy to say, “you do you, but I’m gonna be as intentional as I can be with my music choices”.

Styled Greek Wedding Session by  GreenHouse Creative

Styled Greek Wedding Session by GreenHouse Creative

I’m a big sucker for choosing songs that are unique to my story or circumstances. So when Brett and I chose our wedding song, we chose a song that talked about being long distance for two years. Because, well, a two year long distance relationship was the chapter we were closing on our wedding day (YAY NO MORE LONG DISTANCE!). The song also mentions “waiting for two years” which, for me, really tapped into the value we had to wait to have sex until we were married.

We chose Summer Song by Wavorly. A song most people are unfamiliar with. Which is why I loved it. Here are some of my favorite lyrics:

Two years ago, I had no idea that you were so perfect/As we wait so long, until we join hands/You make the wait worth it/I haven't stopped falling in love/Haven't stopped falling/Now years down the road/Still hasn't gotten old to sit and laugh the day away/There's one thing you should know/My love for you grows even more every day

It’s another year and if you’er dancing to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” at your wedding this year, I’ll still love you anyway. I love that song. But when you’re a wedding photographer, and it plays as the first dance at almost every wedding you photographed last year, you start to lose that special oopy goopy feeling you had when you first heard it.

Here are my 2019 Star-crossed lover songs that have made me weep at one point or another. Or have pushed me to fall more in love with my husband. If you just NEEEEED this playlist to put on shuffle, keep scrolling, I’ve put together a Spotify Playlist for you. Keep those stars crossed! XOXO, Stacie

  1. Grow as We Go by Ben Platt

  2. The Trouble With Wanting by Joy Williams

  3. No Place Like You by Joy Williams

  4. Rainbow Connection by Sleeping At Last

  5. I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You by Imaginary Future

  6. As Long As I Have You I’m Home by Imaginary Future

  7. Hold My Girl by George Ezra

  8. You by A Great Big World

  9. To June This Morning by Johnny Cash, performed by Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly

  10. Love Is A Wild thing by Kacey Musgraves