Office Tour | Before and After

Life Style Blogger's Home Office Makeover Before and After

Did somebody say Before and After Home Decor Office Tour?!!!???!!

This is my first ever Room Tour, something I’ve been dreaming of doing ever since I started blogging… okay, ever since watching Trading Spaces way back in the day.

To be frank, I really struggled to find my home style the past few years. I was all over the place and didn’t know how to cultivate one cohesive space. I also didn’t know how to budget to redesign a room (plus, you can’t practically redecorate your rooms every few years like popular bloggers do… I don’t have that kind of practical budget). But…

…I’ve finally found my (affordable) sweet spot with my office and am pumped to share it with you!

To be able to create, design, dream, send emails, and work my business magic from my very own home office is seriously SO cool. Something I am so grateful Brett and I are able to make happen for me! Having a space that’s always clean, always life-giving, and always ready for me to get to work is what I need to be productive and enjoy my job every day! My goal with this space was to be able to use it for meetings, for work, and for motivation to work hard in a space I love.


Let’s get this out there before we begin. I didn’t hate my office before I refreshed and redecorated. I liked it. But it wasn’t as functional/practical, life-giving, and organized as I needed it to be. We are renters, so this room already had a full wall of built in floating white shelves I went back and forth about using or hiding…I ended up trying to use them functionally and aesthetically. I’ve listed all my sources for my new office at the end of this post.

Before I invested in redecorating:

  • I had made a floating desk from this ABM tutorial and I really enjoyed using it… but I decided I benefit from a desk that really lets me spread out and have multiple projects going at one time.

  • I didn’t have a lot of organization bins and really needed to hide some of my not so pretty crap.

  • I also spent a day or two going through my creative supply and purged a lot of things I wasn’t using in my business anymore.

  • And Lord bless it, but that director’s Chair wasn’t crazy comfy— I needed an upgrade.

  • I also moved my Nespresso back to my kitchen— I always had to go to the kitchen for milk or honey, so it wasn’t as fun to have in my office as I thought it would be.

Before Photos:

***from a Photoshoot I did with my friend, Kim, from Greenhouse Creative


After Photos:

**I asked Kim to take these too and I took some of her too… this what life looks like when your friends are also photographers. You take pictures of each other for fun and for blogs and because you love each other.

Full wall of shelving for Home Office
Target Nate Burkus Lamp in Home Office Tour for Stacie Stine Lifestyle Blog
World Market Velvet Chair and Rug
The cutest Midcentury Modern Office Refresh
World Market Desk and Chair make the cutest home office renovation
Office Decor DIY Macrame and Shannon Kirsten paintings
Working from home | The picture I show people when I say I work from home
Lotta from Stockholm Highwood TBar in Tan
Vintage Green couch and feaux West Elm Coffee Table
Madewell Green Skirt that makes my eyes pop along with a poussy bow tie

I’m so happy with my office I could lay on this couch all day…. except, wait, that’s not how this works…

Source List:

  • We inherited the couch from my Yiayia and I absolutely love the neutrals it adds to the room.

  • We found the glass coffee table (similar to this one I had my eye on from West Elm) on Craiglist! Isn’t that crazy!

  • I bought my desk and rug and chair from World Market. They were my big purchases— and I’m on the other side of them a whole year later with ZERO regrets. The chair was less pink/more purple than I thought it would be, but both my macrames are purple, so it honestly looks better than I could have imagined.

  • My fur throw and gold organizer are both from Home Goods.

  • The tassled lamp is Nate Berkus for Target, the black box my printer is sitting on I painted black (I think I found it in the gardening section actually!), Both my gold and black organizers, and my gold storage side table are all from Target. The black box with the crystal on top on my coffee table I found on super sale at Target, they no longer sell it.

  • My cactus paintings are from one of my favorite artists and wedding invitation designers, Shannon Kirsten. I want to buy all her paintings. Maybe some day I’ll have a good collection of them. :)

  • The Glass decor is all from my Yiayia’s house.

  • The Macrame Plant Hangers are from Amazon!

  • I DIY’d the macrame wall decor, and I hope I can share with you the tutorial soon! I loved trying something different and doing a really dark macrame.

Let me know if I missed anything! Some of what we have is inherited or found at vintage/antique shops! But we love sharing about those finds too :)

P.S. What I’m wearing is a Target top (similar here) with last fall’s madewell skirt. My shoes are from Lotta from Stockholm. I LOVE THESE SHOES.